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My Story

Hello, I am Nicci and this is my new path.

I am a happily married mummy with two girls and was a Primary school Teacher for 20 years, specialising in the Early Years. But once my daughters had grown up and gone to school, I felt lost. My life goals of becoming a mummy had been achieved and I no longer found joy in my work. It soon became clear that I had changed. I lost my way a little, I doubted myself, my ability, my purpose and I found myself overwhelmed with anxiety. Although qualified as a yoga teacher since 2005, in 2021 I decided to refresh and deepen my knowledge of yoga with the intention of making living and teaching yoga my full time passion.  Along with my amazing husband and family, being immersed in yoga guided and supported me through this transition and set me gently back down on my true path.

Through my meditation practice, the affirmation "I am and I can" kept coming to me.

I realised that I don’t have to BE anything other than who I am right now.

What has helped me to find myself, is a combination of journalling, positive daily affirmations,

restorative, nourishing yoga poses, breathwork and meditation.


I now know that I am good enough just as I am.

I know that I can share my knowledge of Yoga to help others find their inner truth

and reconnect with the universal energy that unites us all.

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