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Terms & Conditions

I am so grateful for your continued support of my yoga classes.

Please find below some useful information for booking.


💫 I believe that yoga has the power to transform lives, and I am delighted that you are part of my yoga community. 💫

Booking a class

⭐️ I kindly request that you book in advance by contacting me or completing the weekly poll if you use WhatsApp. This helps me manage class sizes and create a personalised environment for your practice.

-Please note that if you book a space but don’t attend, or cancel on the day of the class, credit will still be taken from your pass.

-If you booked a free session , but don’t attend, or cancel on the day of the class, this offer will not be extended to your next booking. 


⭐️ Please bring your own mat. All other props are provided. Wear comfortable clothing and bring socks and an extra layer to keep warm during Savasana (the final relaxation). 


⭐️ The easiest way to pay is with a convenient and flexible

£50 class pass which allows you to commit to 5 yoga classes of your choice and it is valid for 8 weeks. This means that, unlike some pre-paid memberships, if you are unable to attend every week you won’t lose money. There is a ‘drop-in’ rate of £12 per class if committing to a pass is not preferable to you currently. This must be paid in advance to confirm your booking (see BACS details below).


⭐️ In order to cover essential costs, I have a minimum attendance requirement of three students per class. Unfortunately, If I don’t reach this threshold, I may need to cancel the session. If this is the case, I will contact anyone who has booked in to let them know in addition to posting in the relevant WhatsApp group.


⭐️ I accept payment in cash or via BACS

Mrs N J Campbell, 40-10-02, 41791516, HSBC


Call or text Nicci: 0777 58 28 331

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