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Embracing New Beginnings: Cultivating Courage and Inner Wisdom

Hello out there! I have been very quiet on social media and email lately.

I needed time to myself, to hibernate, to breathe.

Do you ever feel like the rest of the world knows what to do and you just don't belong,

feel lost, overwhelmed or like you have no purpose?

Or maybe you're full of ideas but don't have the time,

energy or confidence to actually go and do them?  

I do.

But I also know I have a choice. I can hide and allow anxiety to control me. Or I can look for the light and find a way out of the unhelpful thoughts and feelings going round and round in my head. So with the Spring energies driving me forwards and upwards into the warm sunshiny light, I feel ready to water a few seeds and

see what blossoms this Spring.


Another reason for being quiet online is because I personally find the amount of information out there overwhelming. Endless faces on TV, FB, Insta etc all telling me they have the answer. The "one thing I need." The one solution to "fix all my problems." Trying one after another ...only to find they didn't work. Maybe it did for the author, and that's fantastic. But I am not them. I am me. Unique. And their solution isn't ever going to be my solution, no matter how much I want it, commit to it,

desire it or pay for it!!! Sound familiar?

This is why I don't want to add to that noise.

The conclusion I have reached after years of searching, is what yoga philosophy has been gently, patiently nudging me to realise.

💫 That I am the answer 💫

All I need to do is listen. To go within.

To trust my inner wisdom above all else.

To really, truly, unconditionally love myself.

It's not a 'one size fits all' quick fix. It's an ongoing cyclical process of observation, listening to what those voices inside are trying to tell me, feeling into the emotions and making small changes that

support me on my ever evolving path of experiences.


So how does one go about figuring it all out? Surely the reason we seek others' advice is because it's just feels too hard to "figure it all out" alone. Well, what if, we don't have to figure it all out. What if it's ok to take just one step at a time. What if, when we shut out all the noise of everyone else's' opinions, we can finally hear that little voice whispering somewhere deep inside telling us what we need in this moment. That shy, scared little voice that doesn't feel brave, or confident or 'enough'.... but keeps whispering because it knows deep down that within its vulnerability lies the power to connect to our deepest truths. It is not about having all the answers. It's about embracing the uncertainty, the discomfort and the beauty of the journey. When we quiet the external noise and listen closely, we find that this timid voice carries the wisdom of our intuition, guiding us towards the next step on our path of growth and self discovery.


But here's my point. I'm not here to tell you how to do this. I'm not selling a course or a programme or a package with a step by step guide to inner peace! I'm so exhausted by the concept that someone else has the answer that I'm not capable of figuring out myself. I have said "I don't know" too many times. And if I don't know, how on earth is anyone else going to know??? The answer is not out there- on TV or in a magazine or even wrapped up in a loving friend or family member. My true self knows the answer is already within me. So does yours! We don't need more advice. What we do need however, is our own set of tools to help us wade through the unknown, to cut through fear, to let go of shame, to guide us through darkness and to hold us close through sadness. As we cultivate courage and inner wisdom, we begin to see new beginnings as opportunities for growth and renewal. We learn to embrace the journey with open hearts and open minds, knowing that each step forward brings us closer to our true selves.


Instead, I am going to share with you a range of tools and techniques I have learnt through my yoga practise that I have found most helpful in finding my own way forward. The tools and techniques I continue to use on a daily basis. The tools and techniques I forget about completely and then rediscover weeks, months or years later and with a deep breath, put them into practice once again.


I have a genuine passion for supporting others and I'm proud to share my own experiences just in case any of them shine a light for you.


With each coming email I will talk about different techniques that can be used in different ways to suit you and your lifestyle. If any of them resonate with you then I invite you to explore for yourself and see what magic they hold for you. I love the advice I was once given... take what works for you and leave the rest. I remind myself of this regularly because I sometimes struggle with an 'all or nothing' mindset, and this advice allows me to create my own unique toolbox, filling it with the tools I need rather than taking up space with tools that aren't right for the job at hand.

Would you use a hammer to repair a puncture?




So I invite you to start looking at what is useful to you and

build your own fabulous bespoke resource.


If you have made it this far then I hope my future emails are useful to you. And if you feel like sharing I would love to hear from you- maybe things you have found useful in navigating through your own life, or maybe something you would like to ask or share with me-

just click below to email me.


Take a deep breath, and listen.


With gratitude,

Nicci x

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