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Calm Sea

Yoga and Breathwork

Kingsteignton Devon, UK

Find a class or experience that meets your physical and spiritual needs.

Breathe to reunite your body and mind, reducing stress and releasing tension. 

Healing Therapy

The focus in these classes is on the breath and how to reconnect with your body. Yoga with Nicci is restorative, using positive affirmations and props to support the mind and body, easing into gentle yet deep relaxation.

This is your personal experience. Nicci will create a programme for you based on your needs, incorporating breathwork, postures, meditation, chanting, journalling and more.

 Discover the power of sacred mantras, captivating rhythms, and harmonious chants that elevate your spirit. Dive deeper into the mystical world of Kirtan and embark on a transformative musical odyssey. Click here to awaken your inner harmony and explore the magic of Kirtan sessions.

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