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I am and I can

It's taken a fair few months of imagining, dreaming, believing, manifesting, creating and loving. There have been tears along the way but mostly joy in making this happen, watching this unfold right in my back garden. I found a way to do it within my budget and set aside the "what if..." fears. I didn't do this alone of course. I opened my heart and my arms and did what I could, asked for help when elements were beyond my skill set, confided in family and friends, gratefully accepting love and support throughout this journey.

We all have our own stories, journeys, desires and fears. I took a huge leap last year and transformed everything I knew about myself. I found myself and set in motion changes.

You may not have a desire to build a room at the bottom of your garden, but maybe you long for a change somewhere in your life. Perhaps in a relationship, within your work life or even in the way your inner voice speaks to you when you look in the mirror or when you're trying to fall asleep. No matter how big or small, it all begins with one single thought.

Write that thought down.

Re-read it every day.

Add to it.

Build upon it.




Dream bigger!

What changes do you notice in your thought process? What do you desire and what would need to happen in order for this to become a reality?

Make a plan, working backwards from your ideal goal, step by step until you place the first stepping stone at your feet. Then (and heres the big one...) take that first step. Then another. Then another. Small steps, no pressure, one step at a time.

What is your dream? I would love to hear about it. Hit reply to share something that you wish to create in your world.

Dream big my friends.

"I am and I can." Say this to yourself, say it often, see what happens.

Always with love,


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