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I'm so happy!

Last night was a real landmark-moment for me. I launched a new class in a new venue and for a few hours the anxiety ramped up and i began questioning myself: will anyone show up? If they do will they like my teaching style? What if they don't enjoy the experience and never come again????? Quite familiar with this type of overthinking, I took myself in hand and rolled out my mat! With some grounding breathwork and gentle poses to release stress I soon found I was able to calm those voices and mind chatter so I could continue with my day without all those "what if's"

When 8 o'clock came and friendly faces came through the door I was greeted with relief as well as their smiles. I suddenly felt at home and no longer in a position of fear but of one to alleviate any anxiety that my students may be feeling. As everyone found their space on the mat and we settled down to begin, I knew everything was all as it should be. I felt a huge sense of belonging and of being only in the present moment..... until the very end! The moment between my closing words and any response felt like a lifetime! And wow! A wave of relief washed over me as these amazing people who had put themselves in my hands for a whole hour began expressing positive feedback of how this yoga class was exactly what they needed and how they could feel release of tension, a reduction in the constant internal chatter and how they felt totally relaxed.

I am honoured and grateful that I was able to share my knowledge of yoga with this wonderful group

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