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The "all or nothing" mindset.

This is something I have always struggled with. Maybe it's the perfectionist in me? The number of times I have started a new project, a new diet or health routine only to find I forgot or just couldn't stick to it and once the run was broken I just gave up. I mean, what's the point in carrying on now- I've screwed up, ruined it, why bother, I'm clearly not able to do this!

But why be so hard on myself? Life is not about getting it "right" (what does that even look like!?????)

I'm in my 40's now and studying and practicing yoga has taught me so much about being kind to myself and living each moment as it comes. I have a tendency to get over excited by a new idea and throw myself in 100%. Then one day I realise I haven't even thought about it for days or even weeks and lose all momentum, enthusiasm and joy in this latest passion. But does that mean I can't go back to it? Pick up where I left off? Start over and learn something new? The thing is, everything happens for a reason. Maybe I needed a break to process, assimilate, breathe. Maybe NOW is the time that I'm ready to carry on with it. Or maybe I took time to assess and realise it's not the right thing for me right now. The trick (I'm discovering) is to take notice of what my inner voice is telling me. To sit and feel into what's going on within me. To observe myself without judgement. Without criticism. To celebrate the wins and to accept, with gratitude the lessons learnt from each experience.

So no more "trying to get it right."

Have you ever heard the expression "what is meant for you shall not pass you by"? Well, I believe it's true. Whether we consciously choose something or not, if its meant to be it will come around time and again until we are ready to receive it.

I recently read an email from the lovely Ayurveda practitioner, all about how to fit simple tools into our daily life to find a moment of peace. It wasn't about carving out time to get on your yoga mat or book a retreat. It was realistic, genuine easy tips to make a moment of inner peace manageable without the feeling of guilt or shame that we should be doing more than we are. She called them "peace pockets" and they include little nuggets like turning the radio off when alone in the car for a moment of quiet, taking a walk without the kids/ a mobile phone or focusing on our breath whilst folding the laundry.

And it reminded me that every day is unique yet equally important. Some days I will spend an hour or more doing yoga asana and breathwork, others I will journal and some days, well, just taking three deep breaths when I go to the loo is enough and I don't need to feel like a failure.

I am enough.

You are enough.

And if we can add a little flash of joy, peace or release into our day then how wonderful would that feel?

I would love to hear what you do to bring a moment of sanity into your day. Hit reply and share what you do to create a "peace pocket."

With love and gratitude,


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