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What have I done!!????

Basically, I've completely destroyed our garden! But with a plan!!!! A desire for peace, privacy and a place to practice yoga.

Our garden has always been the space outside the back door- a space to play, laugh, learn and love. It's never been inviting though and lately I've had a burning desire to create somewhere that I could enjoy being in. Since leaving my career as a primary school teacher, I have a new found sense of freedom and joy in living my own life. No longer utterly exhausted and coping with day-to-day work expectations, I have discovered clarity of mind, purpose in my life and joy in controlling what happens next.

And what is happening next? My very own home yoga studio where I can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. A place I can go to be calm, quiet and just me. It's taking a lot of time an effort (and money) but step by step it's all coming together and my vision is becoming reality.

I am and I can.

I am willing and able to make my dreams come true and I can do what it takes to stay focused and manage this project.

What's your dream?

Contact me to find out how you can reconnect with your dreams and to learn how yoga can guide you.

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